Guiding Principles

Corporate Responsibility

We take the safety of staff, our clients' cargo and the environment very seriously. Like all Patrick businesses, Autocare is committed to the provision of safe, reliable and responsive services in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. Caring for the environment is one of our core values. Best practice environmental management provides benefit to our clients, shareholders and staff by contributing to the overall well-being and economic health of the communities in which we operate. Our continued monitoring and research into the impact our activities have on the environment has resulted in a growing shift from road to rail transport, and we are always investigating avenues for continued improvement. With our Safety Observation program, we review activities continually to ensure best practice and the safety of our employees. Additionally, Patrick enforces a strict zero drug and blood alcohol policy.


Quality is a major priority. The aim of the Quality Management System (QMS) is to ensure the continuous improvement in Patrick Autocare's services, products and processes. Patrick Autocare is fully certified to ISO9001 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

Environmental issues are very important to us. We adhere strictly to the environmental principles and stringent practices of the AS/NZS ISO14001 standards.

Lloyds Lloyds


Patrick Autocare is committed to providing our customers the best services and products, to meet and exceed their expectations.


Our goal is to improve continuously, to achieve excellence in everything we do.


The capability, intelligence, integrity, dedication and teamwork of all employees form the cornerstone of Patrick Autocare's success.