Innovative Technology

Patrick Autocare is constantly improving its information systems to ensure we are at the forefront of technology. New technology is continuously being implemented and improved in anticipation of customers’ needs.

Through a seamless fully integrated computerised environment, Patrick Autocare is able to provide real-time vehicle tracking, to reduce vehicle handling time and offers more efficient and time critical delivery of vehicles across Australia.



The paperless Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system has been developed in conjunction with leading vehicle manufacturers to provide a fully automated system for tracking, recording and managing the delivery of vehicles for customers. To support the Just-In-Time vehicle delivery process, a highly integrated solution was created to connect, streamline and improve the flow of real time information.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

The Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) has been designed and developed by Patrick Autocare to track the transportation and processing of vehicles. The VTS provides visibility of a vehicle from the time the ship arrives at the port to the time of delivery to the dealer.

The VTS tracks all vehicle movements from point of entry, wharf transport, stages of processing, despatch and delivery. Vehicle processing and movements are recorded by radio frequency bar code scanners that provide "real" time updates of a vehicle's status. Special systems have been developed for handling bonded vehicles, fleet processing, vehicle preservation and inventory stocktake. The information system fully integrates both vehicle processing and vehicle transportation.

ADR Emission Labels

In compliance with ADR requirements, Patrick Autocare has created a system to develop and print the ADR fuel consumption labels according to customer requirements.

RF Scanning Technology

RF scanners are available nationally with the LXE scanning equipment and RF networking providing greater coverage and increased reliability. Using this technology, priority processing systems have been developed to prioritize and determine vehicles’ parking locations, while they are still in the ship’s hull. Based on the priority, vehicles are parked in the processing compounds in build sequence, enabling more efficient processing and transportation, to meet customer requirements. This model is known as the Patrick Autocare Port Dealer Direct (PDD) Solution.

B2B Interface

To improve business to business communications, the infrastructure has been developed to perform electronic data interchange with our clients systems. The increased visibility between the customers and Patrick Autocare’s systems not only save communication time but enables seamless business transactions to create greater efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Internet Facilities

To provide customers complete visibility of their vehicles, Patrick Autocare has created internet facilities which allow access to different levels of information tailored according to customer needs and authority levels. This enables customers to access real-time and Transparent information in a secure environment

Compliance Labels

In compliance with ADR requirements, Patrick Autocare has created a system to develop and print ADR compliance labels according to customer requirements.