Patrick Autocare is responsible for the transportation of more than one million vehicle movements each year in the Australian market. These include large fleet movements for a number of major vehicle manufacturers, importers and dealers as well as single vehicle movements for companies, small business and private users. Car transportation services are available for passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles.


Eco Care

This exciting program focuses on educating drivers to drive Smart, Smooth, and Safe. Our main focus is on safety, making sure our drivers are totally aware of their responsibilities on the road and to other road users. It’s important to have an attitude that reduces the risk of accidents. This reinforces our safety message, “Home safely,....everyday” . But we also focus heavily on driving techniques, making sure we are smart, smooth, and safe in all our operations. Through this program, and others like it, we will continue to strive for improvement, better efficiency, and greater workplace safety.

Hybrid Trailer

Patrick Autocare - Hybrid Trailer

Patrick Autocare have been working closely with our truck and trailer suppliers to design and develop world leading car carrying equipment.

The Hybrid trailer is a new and innovative design allowing for all the top decks to sit flat onto the bottom decks removing the need for drivers to be on the top decks enhancing driver safety. We have also incorporated a cassette type deck that is fully transferable from cab frame to trailer and back. This allows the vehicle to be loaded below and behind the cabin of the truck, secured with wheel straps and transferred from the trailer deck to the cab frame all whilst the driver is standing safely on the ground beside the truck.


Patrick Autocare - Auto Trainer

To meet the changing needs of new motor vehicle designs, Patrick Autocare has built a fleet of autotainers, to provide rail transport between Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin.

It was recognized that whilst the design of motor vehicles has improved dramatically, the type of equipment used to move these vehicles has failed to keep pace. Cars are now longer, wider and significantly taller with less ground clearance.

To meet the changing demands, Patrick Autocare has made tremendous strides in the quality, flexibility and safety of all transport equipment, with a strong emphasis on modal shift from road to rail.